International companies in Ylöjärvi

Avant Tecno
Avant Tecno designs, manufactures, and sells compact multi-functional Avant wheeled loaders and attachments; market leader in loaders with operating weight under 2000 kg

Dynaset manufactures hydraulics equipment; has been pioneering the power use of hydraulics since 1986; world leader in its field of operation

Huurre is a highly competent refrigeration services company; designs and builds professional food storage and distribution solutions

Plastiroll produces environment friendly packaging materials of high quality; forerunner in many of its solutions and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of biodegradable film

Riikonen Group
Riikonen Group is an appliance provider for the metal industry; provides welding, machining and oxygen cutting production services as well as mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly services

Sim Finland
Sim Finland is Europe’s leading manufacturer of fragrance free and hypo perfumed professional hair and skin care, as well as hygiene products; operates on professional hair salon, pharmaceutical and export markets

Sukkamestarit manufactures high-quality socks for daily use and sport socks for women, men and children; the largest Finnish sock manufacturer

Rock industry enterprises

The area of Kuru is the home of several rock industry enterprises, the most significant being Tampereen Kovakivi and Kurun Kivi. The famous grey and black granite, and unique orbicular granite from Kuru are highly valued construction and façade materials. Almost everything in Kuru, from working surfaces to ornaments, is built from rock.

Public sector

The significant employers in the public sector at Ylöjärvi include, in addition to the Town itself, the Tampere Vocational College Tredu and the Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Centre.

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