A birdwatcher’s paradise

Ylöjärvi has several nature conservation areas and other valuable nature spots, eighteen of which have been appointed to the national Natura 2000 network. Seitseminen National Park in the Kuru region is a true gem of nature.

Ylöjärvi is the home of many rare species, the most common of which is the Russian flying squirrel. It can be found in approximately 30 different locations.

As for insects and plants, organized protection work is carried out to secure the living conditions for Psophus stridulus, and Field Gentian, which belongs to vascular plants.

Rarer birds include the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, the Ortolan Bunting, the Wryneck and the Lesser Black-backed Gull.

The Black Woodpecker was chosen as the town’s symbol bird in 1996.

The symbol plant, Ridge Kidney Vetch, arrived in the ridge scenery after the Ice Age, and it is thus likely to be one of the very first inhabitants of Ylöjärvi. The protected Ridge Kidney Vetch can only be found in Finland.

Hiking, cycling, paddling and sailing

Numerous tracks and guided nature trips by hiking, cycling, paddling, or on skis whisk you away from your everyday life.

You can follow the nature tracks on your own or with local wildlife entrepreneurs. Skiing can start almost straight from your front door, since there are tens of kilometers of lit ski tracks in different population centres.

For those who love to speed around with skates, several skating and ice hockey rinks are maintained in different parts of the town.

In the wildlife environments of Kuru, there are paddling routes on the River Sikkilä, River Keihäs and River Haukka, among others.

Over 200 square kilometres of the town area is clean water.

Beautiful Pimeesalmi, by the lake Näsijärvi, is the centre of events for boaters. The old dock from timber-floating times has developed into a harbour of 200 yachts with a shop and a restaurant to serve travelers.

Seitseminen – the Lapland of the South

A real wilderness in the south of Finland, Seitseminen National Park (45.5 square kilometres) is located on the border between Ylöjärvi and Ikaalinen.

The area is cared for by Metsähallitus, the Finnish forest and park service, and its well-marked trails and sites for rest and camping are suitable for day trips, as well as hiking trips lasting a few days. Following the Pirkan Taival hiking trail, you can go from the park to Riuttaskorpi recreational forest or Helvetinjärvi National Park – on foot or on skis.

Ridges, swamp and forest areas make the scenery of Seitseminen very diverse. The park – also known as the Lapland of the south – is inhabited by many northern species. The aim of protection in Seitseminen is to conserve a special small-scale forest and swamp habitat.

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