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Basic education

Basic education consists of years 1–9.

Ylöjärvi has ten schools, four of which include years 1–6, and six that include years 1–9. In addition to this, a new comprehensive school (years 1–9) is being built in the area of Siltatie.


Every pupil is allocated a place at their local school, but they may also apply to another school, within certain restrictions.

New first-year pupils in Ylöjärvi do not need to register with their school in advance. If you move to Ylöjärvi or change your address within the city in spring or summer, or if your child is a first-year pupil, please contact the City’s educational administration directly (tel. 040 133 1456 or 040 133 1407). Please also note that any other new pupils moving to Ylöjärvi must also contact the educational administration.

Parents must always notify the school about any changes in a pupil’s personal information.

Basic education

The teaching materials, daily school lunches, health and wellbeing services, and transport between home and school, if the journey is long or dangerous, are free to pupils in basic education. The transport may be provided by bus, for example.

All schools follow a national core curriculum, which includes the objectives and core contents of the subjects. Emotional and interaction skills are emphasised in the teaching and taught as specific lessons in grades 1, 2, 7 and 8.

Vuorentausta School offers music-centred education from the 4th year onwards. All 3rd-year pupils in Ylöjärvi can apply for it. Additionally, Vuorentausta School has a programme on natural sciences and mathematics (Luma) for years 7–9. All 6th-grade pupils interested in natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology and geography) and mathematics can apply to the Luma group. A group is formed if there is a sufficient number of applicants.

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