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The City of Ylöjärvi and local organisations arrange plenty of cultural events and other activities.

The City holds events for children, adults and the whole family. The City’s cultural services organise changing art exhibitions, particularly at the main library, Leija, and Vanha Räikkä in the centre of Ylöjärvi. In addition to that, different types of music is performed throughout the year.

During the summer months, three museums operate under the City’s cultural services: Ylöjärvi Local History Museum, Kuru Open Air Museum and Ensign Stål’s Cabin, as well as Haveri Gold Mine Museum in Viljakkala. All three museums are free.

The neighbouring city of Tampere also offers a wide range of culture.

You can browse events in Ylöjärvi in the event calendar on the City’s website.

Children’s Visual Arts School Piirto

Run by Ylöjärvi, Piirto provides basic education in the arts for children and young people. New students are accepted to Piirto in order of registration at the start of each autumn term. The registration day is usually in mid-August.

Currently, Piirto has groups for 5–15-year-olds and roughly 120 students.

Cultural attractions in Ylöjärvi

Ylöjärvi Local History Museum, Hietastentie 4, 33470 Ylöjärvi.

Kuru Open Air Museum and Ensign Stål’s Cabin, Poikeluksentie 60, 34300 Kuru.

Haveri Gold Mine Museum. The Haveri Mine was opened in the 18th century, and a mine tower and large, rocky open pit can still be seen in the area. Closed in the 1960s, the mine has since filled with water. During the summer there are guided tours in the Haveri Gold Mine Museum. The water-filled open pit is a major Finnish diving destination, but only for professionals. Address: Haverintie, 39310 Viljakkala.

Vanha Räikkä Building is a nearly 200-year-old building located on Ylöjärvi Town Hall Square. It serves as a versatile venue for gatherings and events and there is also a café-restaurant. Address: Kuruntie 12, 33470 Ylöjärvi.

Inkula Bridge is a one-hole stone bridge in Viljakkala, where you can admire cultural landscapes and boulders of the past. Address: Salmitie 30, 39310 Viljakkala.

Remains of Efraim Martin’s Croft. Haunting of the Martin Croft was a poltergeist phenomenon in Ylöjärvi in 1885. Remains of Efraim Martin’s croft and the memorial sign to the croft are located in Keijärventie 168, 33470 Ylöjärvi.

Tree Mountain is a huge manmade mountain by artist Agnes Denes. Tree mountain is measuring 420 meters long, 270 meters wide and 38 meters high and has eleven thousand planted trees. Address: Pinsiönkankaantie 100, Julkujärvi. More information:

Kimmo Schroderus: Alamökki Sculpture. The sculpture Alamökki (“The Lower Hut”) was revealed in 2018. It was mounted to honor the long career of the Finnish rock band Eppu Normaali. Address: Kuruntie 14, 33470 Ylöjärvi

The Vikelä Windmill was built in 1838. The windmill is located in Kulju in Ylöjärvi, near the shore of Lake Näsijärvi. Address: Pohjantie 701, 34140 Mutala.

For more information please contact:, p. +358 3 565 30 000 or

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