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We welcome all travellers and visitors from abroad to get to know the town of Ylöjärvi! This site includes basic information about the town, its sights, nature, and the international companies operating in the area.

A fast growing and lively town, surrounded by nature

The town of Ylöjärvi is located on the western side of the beautiful lake Näsijärvi, about 15 minutes from Tampere.

The area of the town consists mainly of nature, lakes, and rural landscape. Nature offers recreation, and brings the joy of exercising into the everyday lives of the inhabitants.

As a counterbalance for living close to nature, the inhabitants also get to enjoy many events and recreational possibilities offered daily in the active town. Ylöjärvi is one of the fastest growing towns in Finland where new jobs and services are continuously being created by active entrepreneurship.

The municipality of Ylöjärvi was founded in 1869; it became a town at the beginning of 2004. The municipality of Viljakkala was merged with Ylöjärvi at the beginning of 2007 and the municipality of Kuru at the beginning of 2009.

Ylöjärvi in Brief

  • Founded in 1869 - 150 years in 2019
  • Became a town in 2004
  • Number of inhabitants: 33 000
  • Area: 1324 km2, of which 1115 km2 is land and 209 km2 water (one of the biggest towns in Finland in terms of area)
  • Tax rate for 2019: 20,50 %
  • Significant lines of business: services, industry and construction


  • Tampere 14 km
  • Helsinki 189 km
  • Hämeenlinna 88 km
  • Jyväskylä 162 km
  • Lahti 139 km
  • Turku 164 km


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