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Upper secondary level

After comprehensive school, Ylöjärvi offers both general upper secondary and vocational studies.

General upper secondary school

Ylöjärvi General Upper Secondary School focuses on providing extensive general education. Course-based curriculum of the school offers a vast range of choice for our students, but at the same time the relatively small size and friendly atmosphere of the school provide safety and support whenever needed. The expert teaching staff is one of the school’s main assets, and the school’s modern facilities enable them and the students to make full use of their potential.

In addition to general upper secondary education, students have the opportunity to specialise in business. The programme is recognised at a national level, and a maximum of 40 students are chosen for it each year.

The school carries out active collaboration with global partners. The students are able to participate in international projects and gatherings on a regular basis, and take advantage of short-term student exchanges through the European School Network (ESN), organised with partner schools across Europe.


Tampere Vocational College Tredu operates at two locations in Ylöjärvi: in the general upper secondary school’s Valo building on Pallotie and on Metsätie in Kuru.

Pallotie offers studies in seven fields, namely vocational qualifications in the motor vehicles sector, mechanical and production engineering, mechanical fitting in forestry, business, cleaning and property services, and social and health care, as well as preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification.

Metsätie, in turn, offers vocational qualifications in three fields: forestry, logistics, and natural and environmental protection.

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